Shafi'i Texts across the Indian Ocean and the Mediterranean

Islamic Law in Circulation

Analysing the spread and survival of Islamic legal ideas and commentaries in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Indian Ocean littorals, Islamic Law in Circulation focuses on Shāfiʿīsm, one of the four Sunnī schools of Islamic law.


Mahmood Kooria & Sanne Ravensbergen

Islamic Law in the Indian Ocean

This book explores the ways in which Muslim communities across the Indian Ocean world produced and shaped Islamic law and its texts, ideas and practices in their local, regional, imperial, national and transregional contexts.


Mahmood Kooria & M.N. Pearson

Malabar in the Indian Ocean

An edited volume that takes into account a vast range of primary sources on the role of Malabar in the broader undercurrents of the Indian Ocean world.


Special Issue

Narrating Africa in South Asia

How are Africa and Africans narrated in South Asian history and culture? The special issue in the journal South Asian History and Culture explores.

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